Link In Bio For NFT Creators and HOLDERS

Link in Bio for NFT and Cryptocurrency

At ChainState, I’m planning to launch multiple tools for cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. However, I’m planning to launch a Link In Bio for NFT creators and holders. But I’m confused if there’s a need for it?

I’m also not sure if I should be writing this before actually making the tool live. But, I would love to get opinions from people regarding the same and there’s no better person to trust than my readers. I’d love your opinion, even if you don’t know more or a first time visitor.

How did I get this IDEA?

I’ve been a cryptocurrency investor for a long time, when I actually owned some, there were people who were interested to know all the coins I owned, I had to either name them one by one which felt very tedious, that’s why I always wanted to launch my own public Cryptocurrency Portfolio where in holders can show their coin stack.

However, while I was evaluating that idea, I realized I also own some NFTs and would love to showcase my collection. However, sadly, no social media network would directly allow me to showcase it and it won’t make sense for them, as not everyone holds crypto or NFTs.

I also realized that there might be many cryptocurrency and NFT investors who might be interested in a platform that’d allow them to showcase their collections.

The BASIC Features and the Workflow

For the time being, I’m planning to launch a basic link-in-bio tool that’d allow people to add their social media handles and the NFT collections they own. Here’s the workflow I have in mind:

  • To start with, any cryptocurrency/NFT holder can sign up to the platform and register a username. (Just like Instagram, Facebook.)
  • For Cryptocurrencies, the tool will showcase all the different cryptocurrencies and you can select the ones you own.
  • If you’re a NFT creator, you can upload your NFTs and set a price for it.
  • If you’re a NFT holder or a collector, then you can add links to your NFT collections or maybe JPGs

Would it work?

Well, as of now, I’m not really sure, about it. I’m not even sure if people would be interested in using the tool or would want something like that. That’s why I’ve created this blog post, I hope it reaches a decent amount of people, so that I can evaluate this idea and find more features to work on.

I’ve not even add a POLL system or anything, so if you’re interested, please just comment below if the idea is worth it or feedbacks on the features or anything that’d help me.

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