Our writers spend a lot of time studying the preferences of the average consumer who is our reader at the end of the day. We want to enhance your experience by elevating the standards at ChainState every single day. Meet our team!

Penelope Wilson – Founder

Penelope Wilson

Coming from a humble background, Penelope Wilson always knew how it was to struggle and fight for your dreams and visions. With the kind of spirit that she had, her journey became quite an interesting one. She is today applauded as a very innovative, thoughtful, sharp, and daring entrepreneur. 

Her journey began back in her university days when she was barely 22 years old. She has cultivated this dream of ChainState since then. And remarkably enough she perfected it at the age of 26 itself. This earned her the tag of the most ferocious entrepreneur of the year at The Mega Tech 2021 Awards. 

In a recent interview, Penelope mentioned that she has dedicated herself to this website itself. Unlike other entrepreneurs who keep jumping from one start-up to another, she does not want to juggle between start-ups as this platform itself is her labour of love and will continue to remain so.

Logan Torres – Writer 

Logan Torres

All that goes on behind tech is what amused the nerd that Logan Torres is. He began his journey at Tech Fellows Institute as a senior journalist and also managed to write an excellent book on the technology of tomorrow. 

Nobody ever imagined bringing a published fiction writer to a technology-related content writing field. But Penelope had that vision and she managed to get the young Logan Torres on board for her website. Logan is only 29 years old and widely known for his debut book.

Currently, he spends most of his time heading the writing department at ChainState. He feels his job is quite challenging yet quite interesting. He gets to experiment with his form and style which is rare in this field but great for him as a writer. Logan is seriously considering spending almost all his time and energy is in developing newer forms of content, and some innovative mediums at ChainState.

In a recent interview, he mentioned the work he has done at the website has been far more rewarding as it constantly keeps him on his toes and he also gets very direct feedback in the form of statistics and data. For a bright future, let us all hope he keeps simplifying our lives with his clear writing.