Corona could become a common disease in few years, research shows

Children could become most infected

Covid-19 is likely to become a common fever in the next few years. After losing its lethality, the virus will most likely affect young children who have not been vaccinated or who have not been infected. This claim has been made in a recently published modeling study. Research by an American-Norwegian team found that coronary heart disease was less common in children. In Teva, its lethality will gradually decrease, and it will be limited to the common world fever, the form of a cold.

The Norwegian university involved in this research. So far, coronavirus has been shown to be more lethal to older people, says Ottar Jordansted of Oslo. However, according to their modeling, the risk of infection will gradually shift to children when adults are vaccinated or exposed to the virus.

The study is published in the journal Science Advances. Similar changes have been seen in the pattern of other coronaviruses as well as influenza viruses in the past. Pro. Diseases associated with the respiratory system initially affect older people, but the pattern of people who come in contact with them also changes when their effects begin to wane, Jornstad said.

He gave an example to illustrate this point more clearly that, according to the data of Genomic Work, the Asiatic or Russian flu that broke out in 1889-1890 killed more than one million people at that time. Initially most of the dead were over 70 years old. At that time, the HCoV-OC43 virus took the form of an epidemic, which has now become commonplace, and most fevers or colds in children aged 7-12 months are caused by the virus.

However, he also warned that the virus could infect adults if immunity, which protects against the infection of Covid-19, is not developed in adults. However, re-infection remains less lethal than previous infections. He also said that people who are infected with the corona provide vaccines that are even more resistant to the immune system than those that do, so everyone should get a specific vaccine.

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