WhatsApp vacation mode helps in mental detox

Holidays are the time to purify your mind and disconnect from everything, especially your smartphone. One of the proposals that psychologists make to rest our brain and live the present in the purest possible way is to leave the mobile phone at home. “It is also advisable to silence it so as not to look at it every time a notification arrives,” explains Elena GarcĂ­a Vega, a psychologist.

Now WhatsApp has taken a further step in its settings and offers an option that adapts in a certain way to this need (so that you can continue to carry your phone with you without receiving notifications from who you do not want).

The first thing you should know is that, as reported by Xataka, WhatsApp does not have any “vacation mode” in operation (although you have seen it mentioned by some other means). What happens is that the app has activated a function that resembles this idea: ‘archive chat’ allows us to forget about the contacts that we choose so that they do not bother us for as long as we consider.

Thus, when archiving them with their permanent conversations archiving system, we will not only hide conversations so that they do not appear in our chat list, but because they are ‘archived’ they will not notify us that they have written to us (as long as they remain there).

Perfect for selecting our work contacts on our vacations, this way we can keep the conversations of all work-related contacts archived. So conversations with these people will not appear on the main screen, and we will not receive a notification when they write to us.

How to activate it on our phone

The first thing we will do to activate this system is to select the people from whom we do not want to receive a notification when they write to us. To do this, we will archive the chats of these contacts.

How? Selecting the users that we want to archive, keeping your finger pressed on them and clicking on the ‘archive’ option. If you have an iPhone, swiping the chat to the right on the broadcast list will be enough.

After archiving the conversations, we enter the ‘archived’ section of WhatsApp. On both Android and iOS, the option appears at the top (left) and below ‘broadcast lists’.

To enter ‘archive settings’, in iOS we have to access ‘settings’, then ‘chats’ and select ‘keep chats archived’. For Android it works by clicking on the three-dot button at the top right.

From that moment on, all the chats that we have wanted to archive (both individual and group) will not be unarchived when someone talks to us unless we deactivate the option.

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